One of the most important thing about us is the quote:  “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

This quote anchors, inspires and drives us to achieve greatness and top notch standards that which you are already used to at the Chop Chop restaurants. Chop chop Meats is the offspring of Chop Chop restaurants. We are a pork free butchery and charcuterie.

We are a simple yet sophisticated community-we show people how to live a life that’s more enjoyable through food. Visit our blog page. We cover all meat related topics, from meat facts to recipes.

Be it a pot roast for a hearty Sunday dinner; a Saturday afternoon braai with family and friends; or a quick and easy meal during the weekdays after a stressful day at work.

We bring the authenticity, supreme quality and meaning to it all. After all, food brings people together but at CCM we know in Africa its all about the meat. That’s why there are no exceptions to great tasting, tender, superior quality beef.

We mature our meat until its just right in our ageing room and hand cut it as per order. Whether it’s cutting, slicing or dicing we make sure it’s as tasty as it can be. Place your order through our online meat shop.

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